Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

KG on McHale and Isiah Thomas' reputation as players versus their unsuccessful careers as team execs:
"When you're playing sports, your only responsibility is to yourself and how well you condition yourself and get yourself ready for an 82-game NBA season," the Wolves star said. "It's pretty different when you're in an executive's seat. You have so many outlets, as far as putting a team together. Money, players, free-agent market. So many different entities that you're worrying about.
"No one can control team chemistry. No one can control players leaving in free agency."

Dave D'Alessandro/Sporting News makes arguments for not firing some of the NBA coaches currently on the hot seat, including Coach Casey.

Fred Hoiberg talks to the Des Moines Register about his new job:
"I'll be doing a lot of scouting this year, going to a lot of college games," Hoiberg said as he watched Iowa State's 68-63 win at Minnesota. "I'll be going overseas to do some international scouting in February.

Cavalier Attitude thinks Danny Ferry could orchestrate a trade to get KG to play along side LeBron.

Nikoloz Tskitishvili was invited to try out for the Russian team, Spartak Primorye.

The pic above is from a Wolves FastBreak Foundation event earlier this week.