Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bill Simmons On KG

Bill Simmons has a great column on how someone "needs to save" KG so that fans can see what he is truly capable of:

KG's basketball career has become a borderline American tragedy. Here's one of the greatest big men ever, one of the fiercest competitors in any sport, someone who could finish his career with historic scoring and rebounding numbers ... and yet we have absolutely no clue how good he really is.

Paul Shirley, after he was cut from the team, sent Simmons a "gushing e-mail about KG's everyday brilliance that said if KG had played on a contender his entire career, "people would speak of him as a candidate for best player ever."

Simmons also mentions how it's "depressing to watch" Garnett's body language because it makes him seem like a "unhappy husband who can't stomach the thought of a divorce because he doesn't want to hurt his children."

He thinks that David Stern should get involved and get the Wolves to make a move to send Garnett elsewhere because instead of leaving the team, KG "just keeps busting his butt and waiting to be saved."