Monday, July 09, 2007

"K.G. doesn't want to go anywhere"

Rashad McCants on the trade speculation surrounding Garnett:
"We really try not to talk about basketball when we're around each other," McCants said Sunday. "It's a friendship. We try to leave that on-court stuff out of the way. But we talked about it a couple of times, scenarios and places. There's no other place he wants to be. When you're a king in your own kingdom, why would you want to go somewhere else?"

McCants also says about the rumors:
It's a recurring act just to stir up some controversy and so forth. K.G. doesn't want to go anywhere. I don't want him to go anywhere. I know a lot of the Minnesota fans don't want him to go anywhere. But it's a business, and we just have to respect (management's) decisions.

From Ken Berger/
Talks between Minnesota and Golden State about a trade that would send Kevin Garnett to the Bay Area are real and advanced, according to a person involved in the discussions. But it's too early to say whether No. 8 pick Brandan Wright, reigning "most improved player" Monta Ellis and an assortment of fat and/or expiring contracts will be enough. Wright can't be traded for 30 days because he signed his rookie contract Friday .

From Mike McGraw/Daily Herald:
One league source not associated with the Bulls likes to call Minnesota the NBA’s most dysfunctional front office. It has only gotten worse now that the decision-making has been split between Kevin McHale, Jim Stack, Rob Babcock and Fred Hoiberg.

There was talk the Timberwolves sent out word before the draft that owner Glen Taylor wanted to seal a Garnett deal before departing on a trip to China. A deadline was set for teams to deliver their best offers, otherwise KG was headed to Boston. Of course, it turned out to be a bluff.

From Branson Wright/The Plain Dealer:
The Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves, according to sources, are expected to resume talks about Kevin Garnett. The addition of Garnett could silence Bryant, at least until next season.

David Moore/Dallas Morning News believes there is little chance the Mavericks could land Garnett.