Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day Garnett rumors

Mark Cuban is confirming on the record to that he is involving the Mavs in the Kevin Garnett Sweepstakes "because this is about trying to be opportunistic," says the team owner, adding that Dallas' willingness to pursue this deal is not a permanent change in overall philosophy but rather something "dependent on the situation."

From GC/Can't Stop The Bleeding:
The day after the NBA Draft, the Washington Post’s Michael Wilbon chatted with ESPN Radio’s Dan Patrick and implied Boston’s poor history of race relations (to coin a phrase) to be the reason behind Kevin Garnett’s refusal to accept a trade to the Celtics.

From K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune:
Paxson said he hasn't talked to the Grizzlies about Gasol, and "there's nothing going on" with the Timberwolves and Garnett.

"From what I can gather, the Wolves and a lot of other teams are taking a deep breath right now trying to look at the free-agent market and see if they can get better that way," Paxson said. "I even talked to a couple of teams [about trades after the draft]. But I need to let things settle too."

Gary Peterson/Mercury News on the Warriors trying to land Garnett.

From Janny Hu/San Francisco Chronicle:
Taxing discussion: Rowell said the team would have no problem spending the $10 million trade exception acquired in the Richardson deal. As for entering luxury-tax territory, which is likely if Garnett somehow lands in Oakland?

"I've always said this team will pay a tax if we're in a position to put a team out on the court that's going to compete at the highest level possible," Rowell said. "I'll also back up and say that in the history of who's won championships in this league, the San Antonio Spurs have won four championships and they've paid tax once. ... So it's very doable."