Monday, July 02, 2007

Garnett's trade kicker, Golden State rumors

From Tim Kawakami/Mercury News:
Garnett’s $6.7-million trade-kicker, which was triggered yesterday and would count against the final two seasons of his deal for cap purposes, is negotiable.

That means it’s not a major impediment for a KG trade, assuming he wants to go where he’s being traded, and believe me, the Warriors assume he’d be fine with heading to LA, Phoenix and yes, Oakland.

Those three places, of which Oakland remains the livest candidate, would be suitable enough for KG that he’d do what he could to make that deal. That’s the notion, anyway.

(If the kicker is triggered, then the Warriors would have to trade at least $21M worth of salaries back to Minnesota for KG, instead of $17.8M, and that’s a big difference because Minnesota would not want that much salary back.)

The understanding I have from the Warriors is that the kicker is NOT a killer for any attempt to acquire KG because, assuming they can agree to a two- or three-year extension as part of the trade, KG would probably waive all or most of the trade-kicker to faciliate the deal.