Friday, June 29, 2007

McHale on KG: I assume he'll be a member of the team this fall

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press (click here to watch the video):
Kevin McHale scoffed at the rampant trade rumors that have involved all-star Kevin Garnett and said he assumes his franchise player will be a member of the Timberwolves when training camp starts.

"Kevin's a member of the team right now," the Timberwolves ' vice president of basketball operations said Thursday night. "I assume he'll be a member of the team this fall."

Asked if he had spoken with Garnett to reassure him of his future with the team, McHale said he has spoken with Garnett's agent but wouldn't reveal details.

"Those (trade) rumors are fed by you guys," McHale said. "I actually got a charge out of most of the stuff. Man, I tell you what, there's a lot more stuff going on in this league that I'm doing that I didn't know I was, that's for sure."

Alonzo is kind enough to remind us of the following:
Another important date is approaching Sunday. If a trade is made involving Garnett before Sunday, the extra cash coming from his trade kicker, up to $6.75 million, could be applied to last season and next season. Starting Sunday, the trade kicker will be applied in full to next season's salary, which could push Garnett's total compensation to almost $29 million.