Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Updates Part II

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
McHale said the team continues to have no plans to trade Garnett.

"Nothing has really changed," he said. "You always listen. Guys call up and say we'd like to look at this or that. You listen. It doesn't go very far and it hasn't gone very far right now. Who knows what is going to happen? We are not actively out shopping Kevin Garnett around the NBA, I can tell you that. We've had different phone calls every year."

John Jackson/Chicago Sun-Times writes that the Wolves should have dealt Garnett to the Bulls before the Feb trade deadline:

A savvy GM would've recognized all of those potential pitfalls in February, but it's no surprise they were lost on McHale. How he has managed to keep his job all these years is one of life's most baffling mysteries. Having a cornerstone like Garnett to build around is the dream for any GM, but McHale somehow has found a way to make the team worse each year.

Now McHale faces the lose-lose proposition of dealing Garnett at a bargain price or running the risk of losing him for nothing next season.

Bill Simmons offers draft advice and what he thinks team will do versus what they should do:
Here's what I think Kevin McHale will do: Wear an ugly sweater, back out of a KG deal at the last second and take Spencer Hawes at No. 7, followed by KG snapping in mid-December after a 30-point loss to the Spurs and killing everyone in Minnesota's locker room except Ricky Davis, who will calmly sit in front of his locker watching it happen while drinking a malt 40.

From Dan Barreiro/KFAN:
The biggest problem here, with those who believe a projected and possibly fictitious Celtics deal is too good to pass up, is that it assumes the deal is available, and it assums that it is the best deal obtainable.

As long as Kevin McHale is in charge, I'll never trust that assumption...

From Elliott Harris/Chicago Sun-Times:
Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Garnett reportedly is available. Thereby extending general manager Kevin McHale's league record of most trade rumors for a star player never to have reached the NBA Finals.

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