Friday, June 22, 2007

KG trade rumor updates

From Peter Vecsey/New York Post:
An Eastern Conference executive goes both ways on the sumo subject: “I’m getting the feeling Minnesota would like to do something, but the big issue is Garnett’s ability to opt out. I do think Boston-Phoenix is real, but the Garnett contract is a huge issue. No team is going to deal with McHale without dealing with Garnett and his agent.”

A source that puts copious coin in Garnett’s bank account claims it’ll be announced on draft day, no later than when the salaries change July 1.

From Jerry Brown/East Valley Tribune:
While the T-Wolves aren’t asking the Suns for the Grand Canyon, sources confirm they do want 24-year-old, All-NBA center Amaré Stoudemire in any deal for the 31-year-old Garnett.

The Suns might be willing to part with Shawn Marion in a possible Garnett deal, but sources say the Timberwolves aren’t interested. A three-way deal could be swung...

From Steve Bulpett/Boston Herald:
Garnett’s agent, Andy Miller, may be trying to push his client elsewhere (who wouldn’t want to ramble with Steve Nash in Phoenix), but his comments today won’t necessarily get in the way if the Celts and Timberwolves reach an agreement on the trade pieces.

From Dan Barreiro/KFAN:
And if Garnett is seen as the guy standing in the way of Wolves fans finally seeing some light, or perhaps something of a future, KG's image will take a considerable blow. Face it: It is ridiculously difficult to trade a guy with this kind of monstrous contract and get close to value. And if the Wolves now lose out on a deal in which they seem to get it, and are forced through Garnett's manipulations to take considerably less, there will be fear and loathing.