Thursday, June 21, 2007

“Kevin is actually trying to trade him.”

From Mark Murphy/Boston Herald:
But word across the league is that the Celtics are one of two or three teams most likely to pull the trigger on a deal for Garnett.

“We’ve talked to both teams, and (Timberwolves vice president of basketball operations) Kevin (McHale) acted like he was not trading Garnett, but yesterday we started to hear that it was real,” the EasternConference personnel chief said yesterday. “Kevin is actually trying to trade him.”

A second personnel boss, also in the Eastern Conference, agreed.

“I heard that Minnesota has been initiating these calls,” he said.

“I know the Celtics are part of it, but they’re not the only team that is now involved in this. There’s a couple besides them who could make this happen.”

Two of the other organizations engaged in talks with Minnesota are believed to be Phoenix and Chicago...