Friday, June 22, 2007

Garnett saga continues

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Taylor was asked what the chances are that Garnett will be with the Wolves at the start of next season.
"Pretty good," Taylor said.

How long before the team changes its Blueprint For The Future?
Rashad McCants, Randy Foye and Craig Smith will continue to grow and mature and with KG, will put us in a position to compete for a championship in the coming years.

Nate Jones/Fanhouse on possible warm weather destinations for KG.

John Hollinger/The New York Sun on the chances of the Knicks landing Garnett:
The Knicks probably can't match the quality of some other offers...but when dealing with as big a buffoon as Timberwolves team president Kevin McHale, it never hurts to ask.

The latest RandBall podcast features discussion on dealing KG and what would have happened if Garnett had played for the Spurs and Tim Duncan had played for the Wolves.

From Mark Murphy/Boston Herald:
“He’s terrific,” one official said of Garnett. “Wherever he’s traded, he’ll make a natural upgrade. He’s carried a bad team for several years now, and I know he’s got some mileage on him, but he’ll be big for whoever gets him. "

Gerry Callahan/Boston Herald believes that Garnett is "going to grow old and ineffective on somebody’s dime..."

Tom Powers/Pioneer Press writes that at this point, "there's no turning back" on trading Garnett.

Mike McFeely/In-Forum News on the KG situation:
It’s up to McHale to make the move. Never has such an important deal been left in such feeble hands.

Sam Smith/Chicago Tribune on a question about a hypothetical three-way deal among the Wolves, Bulls, and Lakers:
Let's see if I get this straight: You give up Kobe for Garnett, who never has done anything, won anything, and seems quite content missing the playoffs every year. And after holding out all these years with Garnett you end up with Gordon and Nocioni? Other than that...