Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reactions to the 7th pick

From Britt Robson/On The Ball:
Okay folks, it really couldn't have turned out much worse for the Timberwolves in the lottery tonight...

Patrick Reusse/Star Tribune on the holy water from Lourdes, one of the team's lottery good luck charms:
Our Lady of Lourdes has been credited with causing crippled children to walk, deaf men to hear and blind women to see. And even this noble lady did not have in her powers the ability to assist these hapless lads from Minnesota -- this luckless, wretched collection of humanity located inside the dreary concrete of Target Center.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Talk about a punch to the gut followed by two kicks to the head...

From Dan Barreiro/KFAN:
By the by, wouldn't it be poetic hoops justice if the Sonics draft Kevin Durant and hire hire Dwane Casey, and the old Wolves' coach gets to put his old team in the new Sonics' rear-view mirror?

Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site on the team remaining in the 7th slot for the draft:
This year, that's an accomplishment; the lottery balls dropped the NBA's three worst teams -- Memphis, Boston and Milwaukee -- out of the top three, and awarded Portland (sixth-best chace) the rights to the first pick.

From Greg White/Hoopsworld:
Anything other than the top two picks puts the Wolves in a serious bind. With the prospect of losing KG down the line, or him demanding a trade, anybody they pick up won't make them a playoff team.