Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/18

From Britt Robson/On The Ball:
So what does Randy Wittman and the rest of the "braintrust" do as they head into the most crucial five-game stretch of their season? Why, they ride the guys whose attitudes and work ethics have been most questionable, the guys who have been chronic losers for most or all of their careers, the players who have already driven this squad into the latrine over the last two months...

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune on KG's technical fouls:
Most of Kevin Garnett's 11 technical fouls this season have been of the dueling variety, in which an opposing player and Garnett both get whistled by a referee trying to maintain control and avoid escalation.

C.J./Star Tribune believes that a "big real estate transaction would suggest that KG is not thinking about leaving town."

A preview of tonight's game at the Lakers.

Coach Wittman on one of the team's "best defensive options" when Kobe Bryant is "hot":
"Hope he misses?"

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press writes that "how well Jaric does this time defending Bryant will be a key to the Wolves' success."

Rex Kalamian on Friday became just the third Wolves assistant coach in the past 10 years to be called for a technical foul, joining Jerry Sichting (once) and Wittman (four times).

Stephen Litel/City Pages Sports blog
on T-Hud:
I do not have the same amount of issues with Troy Hudson as most, as I have noticed his ability to move the ball and bring tempo to the offense. However, in a game against a high tempo team such as Golden State, good ol' T-Hud comes shining through, making poor decisions and jacking up bad shots.

The Star Tribune also has a piece on how the writer "got suckered by Eddie Griffin along with the rest of them."