Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/28

The Wolves have now lost four games in which they led by at least 15, and nine in which they led by double figures at one point or another.

10,000 Takes want the team to start paying some of its players with "McHale Dollars."

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune writes that as of Tuesday afternoon, Garnett leads the team in dunks with 56 this season, followed by Mark Blount and Craig Smith.

KG on learning that Mark Madsen has no dunks so far:
"That's funny, wow," Garnett said. "That's a bit of a shock. Dog is a powerful dunker, and he doesn't have a dunk this year? I'll have to get on him about that.

From Brian Murphy/Pioneer Press:
Despite dodging the bullet against the Trail Blazers, coach Randy Wittman acknowledges rebounding has been the team's Achilles' heel all season. Only four teams rebound less than the Wolves, who boast the NBA's best rebounder in Kevin Garnett.

RandBall on where the team ranks in ESPN's Ultimate Standings.

An open house announcement for this Friday at the University of St. Thomas:
The open house will include a 5 p.m. unveiling and dedication of two paintings, by Minnesota artist Jimmy Longoria in collaboration with Minnesota Timberwolves players Mark Madsen and Rashad McCants...

From Jonathan Feigen/Hoopsworld:
Garnett has always been one of those stars that defy easy definition, so it became easier to attach a cliché label to him than to tackle the more difficult analysis.

Gary Giombetti/The Hibbing Daily Tribune wants to know "what's really wrong with the Timberwolves."

A preview of tonight's game at the Jazz.