Monday, March 12, 2007

Glen Taylor interview

Mike Max/WCCO sat down with owner Glen Taylor to talk about a number of topics.

Taylor talks about his disappointment with the team, not only in terms of the losses, but also because of financial reasons. He discusses how, because of their belief that the team was close to achieving its goals, the organization has taken a fixit" or "let's get it done right away" approach to the team's problems. Taylor says that this has gotten them off track and steered them away from his plan for the team. He mentions how while money is an issue, if the right player/s come along, he'll spend the money. Taylor also promises to be more involved with decisions this year than he has in the past couple seasons.

Other issues he addresses:

-Kevin McHale
Front office changes were designed to surround McHale with people with more experience. Any decision on whether McHale will be here next year won't be made til after the season.

-Coach Wittman
Taylor says it's not definite that he'll be coaching next season but that he'd be very surprised if that's not the case.

-Kevin Garnett
Taylor says it's both his and KG's preference that the player finish his career in Minnesota