Thursday, March 15, 2007

KG on Coach Wittman: I don't want to be here if he's not here

According to Sid Hartman, Garnett thinks that Coach Wittman has "done a real good job, you know, dealing with the head cases and the things that we have on this team" and wants him to return next season:
"Absolutely, and if he's not, it's not going to be a good thing. ... I don't want to be here if he's not here."

Garnett says about Wittman that he hopes owner Glen Taylor "takes into consideration, and strong consideration in bringing him back and putting some players here and just forming some chemistry."

KG believes that the coach gives "everybody on this team confidence." He also says that when Flip Saunders was fired, he told Taylor that Wittman should be his replacement.

Kevin McHale says about Wittman:
"I like Randy; he'll be back."

Hartman notes about McHale:
While Taylor said he is going to be more involved in the team's operations next year, you can be assured McHale will be back unless he chooses to not return.