Monday, February 19, 2007

West wins All-Star game

Click here for a recap of the Western Conference All-Stars' 153-132 win over the East.

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
And who spent the least time on the court of anyone in the game? Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett. In 14 minutes, 11 seconds, he scored seven points with six boards and four assists while tying for the second-fewest minutes of his 10 consecutive All-Star outings...

"Tonight, it's entertainment," he said. "I'm here to sit back and relax, and try to even out the minutes. Give somebody a breather."

Shoals at NBA Fanhouse called Garnett's block on Dwyane Wade in the first half the "turning point" of the game. You can see the block among the highlights here.

KG on memories of his first All-Star game in 1997:
"I remember Charles Barkley giving Gary Payton a hard time in the locker room, and how they were just going at it," Garnett said.

"In the game, M.J. had come over to me and told me to make sure I didn't shoot an air ball. That made me more nervous than ever."

Garnett said what he'll always remember most is, "I got to meet Wilt [Chamberlain] for the first time. I saw him sitting there, and I just went up to him. He was so cool."

All-Star game MVP Kobe Bryant recalls how Garnett "took care" of him during his first all-star appearance:
"He said when I get the ball, follow me. He threw me a lob for a dunk, and after that, I was fine."

Garnett on Utah's Mehmet Okur and his first time in an All-Star game:
"I told him I was going to look out for him," Garnett said. "I helped Kobe when we was in New York [in Bryant's All-Star debut in the 1998 game]. I helped Kobe relax and be at ease a little bit. I wanted to make sure I did the same for Memo. Worked out well."