Friday, February 16, 2007

Garnett and Foye on All-Star weekend

Mike Trudell at the Timberwolves site talks to Garnett and Randy Foye about this weekend's festivities:

On if he has any favorites in the dunk or three-point contest:
I like the young boy from Boston (Gerald Green). When I watch highlights, and I watch him get into the open court...he's creative, he's young, and he's got springs. I hate that they put a cap on who can enter with age limit and all that. I would like to see Vince Carter and others. Just a good, different mesh of players going up against each other - that's what the dunk contest is all about. It shouldn't be capped.

On if there will ever be a better All-Star moment than Magic Johnson's final game:
No, that will be forever the best All-Star game in my eyes. Ever.

Randy Foye (check out one of his All-Star portraits above)
On what he wants out of the All-Star Weekend:
I just want to go out there and play, and hopefully my big brother KG will go out there and play well too. A successful trip for me would be for me to win MVP, KG to win MPV, and come back and win 12 games in a row. That'd be a great trip for me

On his boys on the Rookie team:
All of them are boys. We email and text each other all the time. I spoke to Rudy (Gay) four days in a row. Our families are going to eat out there together, so everything is cool.