Friday, February 16, 2007

Some love for Craig Smith

John Hollinger/ESPN ranks the league's top rookies as of the All-Star break and puts Craig Smith at #4, ahead of Randy Foye at #8.

The fact he was left off the rookie team so they could add Adam Morrison -- perhaps the single most ineffective rookie in the league so far -- speaks volumes about the pharmaceutical consumption habits of the voters. Or at the very least, it speaks to the power of the almighty points-per-game stat.

Per-minute, Smith scores just as much, grabs three times as many rebounds, shoots nearly 20 percentage points higher, and gets to the line more. His PER of 16.36 is more than double that of The 'Stache (7.98).

But since the Bobcats insist on playing Morrison his 32 minutes a game regardless of how badly he plays, he's in Vegas and Smith isn't.

Hollinger says about Foye that the rookie has "given a middling performance in his first season in Minnesota."