Sunday, February 18, 2007

"When you're loyal, it's...just what you do."

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune with Garnett's answers to some of the questions posed to him this weekend, including the most popular one regarding his loyalty to the team:
"You're looking at it from the standpoint of what someone does for you for you to be loyal," Garnett said at the Palms. "That's not how I'm looking at it. That's not my definition of being loyal. When you're loyal, it's ... just what you do."

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press compiled stories and thoughts on Garnett from a couple of his teammates and other players around the league. Mad Dog shared the following story which he though illustrated that Garnett was "really loyal" to the team:
"A member of our staff (assistant athletic trainer Anthony Aldridge) had a Dallas Mavericks screensaver on his phone. We were all on a bus during the preseason for a game. One of the players saw it and said, 'Hey, Kevin, Anthony has a Dallas Mavericks screensaver on his phone.' Kevin saw it and said, 'Heck no, heck no.' Kevin said, 'When the bus stops, I'm going to hold the Dallas Mavericks phone, and you've got to sprint to that truck over there, 150 yards away, and you've got to sprint over there and jump up and down three times and say I love the Timberwolves.'