Sunday, February 18, 2007

More KG quotes from All-Star Weekend

NBA TV talked to Allen Iverson and Garnett on Friday. After chatting with the interviewers for a bit, KG looked at Iverson and said:
What's up, baby? We almost had it done... We ain't going to talk about it...

On if he'd ask out of Minnesota:
"I've never been good at following," Garnett said. "When it's time to make a decision on what's best for me, I'll make a decision on Kevin Garnett."

Garnett on the possibility of finishing his career without a title:
"It will be kind of ... a discount, if you will, if I don't win it, because I never went through that. I have a lot of things in my career I can look on, but you play this game to win and the ultimate is (to win) the championship, so ask me that when I'm done."

Kobe Bryant on KG:
"It's unfair. There's been a lot of great players in the past who haven't won a title, but I don't think it affects their greatness," three-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant said. "That being said, Kevin still has a long way to go in his career. He's not done. I hear a lot of people talk about him like his window is shut, closed and gone, but he's still young. He's just an incredible player. He does everything."

KG on "any unsavory influences on the sanctity of the game" if there were to be an NBA team in Las Vegas:
"It's going to go on whether [the league] is in Vegas or not. It's not in Vegas now, and you still have the issue to worry about."

From Fred Mitchell/Chicago Tribune:
Asked if his friends and family members who live in Chicago have been encouraging him to finish his career with the Bulls, the longtime topic of trade rumors replied: "I've been getting encouragement from all kinds of places. Not just Chicago."