Saturday, January 06, 2007

Updates Part II

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Randy Foye:
"It's all starting to click for me right now," Foye said. "I think I'm starting to show people around the basketball world what I'm made of. Basically, it's getting a little more playing time, being out there after making a mistake instead of being taken out after a mistake.
"They're putting a lot of trust in me handling the ball in late-game situations and controlling everything."
But, yes, the veterans still have him doing rookie chores, running the Target Center steps and such.
"That's the stuff we make [rookies] do," Garnett said, laughing. "I didn't tell you all the good stuff."

Garnett on Foye:
"If [Foye] were in school, he'd be in advanced classes, because he's picking it up so fast, and he's able to apply the things that you teach him really fast. It's almost like you're injecting him with knowledge, and he gets it right in his system immediately," Garnett said.

Sixers coach Mo Cheeks on Foye:
"He's an energetic guy," Cheeks said. "He looks like a basketball junkie. He's been around basketball all his life. He's a (point guard), and he can play some (shooting guard). He can make a shot, he can drive, he can run screen and roll. He's still learning, but he does a lot of things well. Certainly with Kevin Garnett and Mike James teaching him certain things, he's only going to get better."

Stephen Litel/SportsPage Magazine on last night's game.

KG on his game-winning shot in the win over the Sixers:
"Y'all give me so much (stuff) about not taking shots," Garnett said after the game. "I hear so much (stuff) about not taking games over. I try to do so many different things that sometimes I get away from some of the responsibilities. I was kind of really upset with myself when I came to the bench (at the end of the fourth). I missed the shot, and I said if I get another chance, I'm going to hit this."