Saturday, December 30, 2006

Updates Part II

Rashad McCants and the Bobcats' Raymond Felton and Sean May are among some of the hosts for the 2006 NBA New Year's Eve Players Ball in Charlotte.

Marc Stein/ESPN names Randy Foye the "Rookie Of The Trimester":
Like a lot of Wolves fans, I wish Foye played more. Yet I've seen enough from this guy in a couple of crunch times -- at Dallas in November and Tuesday when he scored the game-winner to save the Wolves after they had blown a big lead to Chicago -- to pick him out of a struggling group that only has one rook (Adam Morrison) averaging better than 10 ppg.

Stephen Litel/SportsPage Magazine talks to Coach Casey and Marko Jaric about Jaric's lack of playing time:
MJ: I mean, it’s not secret that I’m not the happiest person over here. Definitely, I’m trying to show what I can do. I’m trying to prove to him, to prove to everybody, that I deserve more playing time and that I can help this team win. So far, that’s not happening. One game I play 25 minutes, the next game I play 10 minutes and that definitely bothers me. I’m not the happiest person and I’m not hiding that, you know? But, I am definitely going to play for this team. I have learned in my life that if I deserve something, I just expect to get it back. I do appreciate it here, though.

Raptor's coach Sam Mitchell on KG trade rumors:
"I just can't hear him uttering those words (trade me)," said Mitchell. "Everything he's been through thus far he hasn't said it. So why would he do it now? I can't see it. Because he's not the type of guy who's going to give up."

In only his second appearance this year, Bracey Wright got his first basket of the season in last night's win over the Sonics.