Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Updates Part II

Mike James gives advice on the Wolves and Iverson, the relationship between league commissioner and the players, and on whether diamond earrings or Wolves tickets make a better gift.

Rick Alonzo/The Pioneer Press on what the Wolves are "doing right."

Bob Sansevere/Pioneer Press believes Garnett is being "self-centered" in his excitement over Iverson.

Assistant GM Rob Babcock writes about going to see second round draft pick Loukas Mavrokefalidis play in Croatia.
Loukas did not shoot the ball well in this game, but had a solid rebounding and defensive game and made some great passes.

Trent Hassell on the team and A.I.

Iverson watch:
The Philadelphia Inquirer: Sources indicate that Indiana, Boston and Minnesota continue to express interest in Iverson, with Denver and Sacramento also in the mix. But in some cases, King would likely have to take a player he wouldn't necessarily want in order to get rid of Iverson.

Boston Globe: According to a league source, the Celtics remain on the list of teams in contention for Iverson's services, along with Golden State, Minnesota, Indiana, Chicago, Denver, Charlotte, Sacramento, Dallas, and the Clippers. According to another league source, Golden State is the front-runner...

New York Post: ...the Timberwolves remain in the hunt, if only to appease Kevin Garnett...