Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/12

Mad Dog says "it was a great day" because of the news that the league is reverting to the leather balls and because of the following:
...the NBA is going to form a committee including a wide range of NBA players getting a cross-section of superstars and role players to be part of any ball decisions in the future. I think what the league is saying is that if we do away with the leather ball down the road, let's work together to find a solution that works for everyone. Michael asked me to approach Kevin Garnett to see if he would like to play a major role on the committee.

Madsen also remarks on the unresolved Iverson situation:
This morning in our locker room, we were all kind of aware that if the longshot odds come true and A.I. comes to Minnesota then some of us might be packing our bags.

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune lists factors contributing to the Wolves improved performance.

Draft Express has a progress report on Randy Foye.

HoopsWorld interviews Ricky Davis about decreased playing time from previous seasons, Iverson rumors, and helping out an injured kid in Charlotte.

Britt Robson/City Pages talks to MPR about the pros and cons of Iverson joining the team.

The Wolves move up to #9 in ESPN/Marc Stein's Power Rankings.

Coach Casey on the team's 4 game winning streak:
"We're playing together and getting to know each other, and that's been the key," said head coach Dwane Casey after Monday's practice. "We're doing the same things, with the same sets, guys are just getting into a rhythm going with each other."

USA Today talks Iverson and Garnett.