Monday, December 11, 2006

Updates Part II

The Bleacher Report ranks the five "whitest guys in the history of professional sports." Mad Dog comes out on top thanks to his infamous dancing.
Interestingly, the dance also qualifies Madsen as the blackest missionary in the illustrious history of the Latter Day Saints, which, well—

Sam Smith says it might be time "to let the dream die:"
But after watching Kevin Garnett and the Minnesota Timberwolves dismantle the Bulls on Saturday night at the United Center, even I'd have to wonder why the Timberwolves would trade Garnett to the Bulls, much less anywhere else.

T-Hud on his "reduced role" with the team:
"I'm just grateful and glad that I'm healthy," Hudson said. "I'm handling it well. I'm positive. When I get out there, just be positive. If you're negative, when you get out there it's going to show in your play. So I'm going to stay positive."

Trent Hassell on being team captain, going to high school with Shawn Marion, and getting less minutes this season:
"It's frustrating," conceded Hassell, who's seen his playing time reduced this year — from 32.6 mpg last year to 27.6 — as the Wolves search for a winning combination. "But the one thing about this is that we've got another year.