Monday, December 11, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/11

Follow up to the Jim Gray story:
The New York Times and USA Today talked to ESPN's Gray about being fooled by an Iverson "impostor" on the phone. The person to whom Gray spoke said he hoped "this deal with Minnesota works out." Gray said he'd talked to Iverson at least 200 times and was "confident it was Allen."

After announcing the conversation about the Wolves on the air, Leon Rose, Iverson's agent, called to tell Gray that Iverson said he had not been on the phone with him. Gray then had to go back on the air to correct his earlier statements.

Gray was asked if he still thought it was really Iverson on the phone that night:
"Anything is possible," Gray said. "But the good news here is that it didn't involve anything earth-shattering."

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune cautions about putting too much stock into rumors regarding Garnett and Iverson:
Proceed with caution. Because whatever you think of Kevin McHale and his track record as Wolves vice president of basketball operations, one thing McHale is not is a leaker. Certainly not to the media.

Aschburner also remarks that the speculation surrounding Iverson isn't just "harmless fun" for all:
Any time Iverson gets mentioned in connection with one team or another, there are players (such as Minnesota's Randy Foye) whose worlds get rocked. Someone has to get shipped out, after all.

Britt Robson/City Pages on the Bulls game and his thoughts on Glen Taylor possibly spending money on Iverson.

Mike Trudell at the Wolves site talks to Yao Ming and Andrei Kirilenko about, among other topics, playing against Garnett.

From Sid Hartman:
Timberwolves assistant general manager Fred Hoiberg credits the coaching staff for coming up with a better rotation, leading to the team winning seven of 10 games. "The guys are starting to figure out when they're going to go into games and when they're going to get their rest, and that has contributed very well to this four-game winning streak," Hoiberg said. "I think [the players] are starting to get comfortable with their roles."