Saturday, December 09, 2006

Iverson Talk Continues

(Iverson pic swiped from Real GM boards.)

From the New York Times:
Iverson has indicated that a trade to Minnesota, where he would be with forward Kevin Garnett, would be attractive to him. Both are former M.V.P.’s who have never won a championship. The Timberwolves are said to be dangling Troy Hudson (making $6 million) and may have to include the rookie Randy Foye.

From the San Antonio Express:
That the teams to which the Sixers reached out after Allen Iverson said he wanted a trade this week were the Bulls and Celtics. The Nuggets and Pacers are said to be intrigued and trying to at least get in on the talking. They likely won't be the only teams that make calls to Philly.

Garnett talked about Iverson before last night's game:
"He's not only a personal friend, but he's a warrior and a soldier that I've always looked up to since he came into the league."
"I've been in the league longer than him, but we're like brothers," Garnett said. "He's like my big brother."

Mike James, not eligible to be traded until December 15, also commented on the rumors:
"What he's capable of doing with the basketball in his hands, man," James said. "If he comes, I don't know who Philly is going to get, but Philly's going to get a lot. If I'm playing in Philadelphia, well, business is never personal."

Lang at SLAM Online thinks a pairing of KG and Iverson wouldn't be "enough to contend in the West."

From Sporting News:
Of course, the chatter has been around Iverson going to Minnesota to team up with Kevin Garnett. Rookie Randy Foye, a Villanova star, has been mentioned, along with Ricky Davis and a whole lot of cap filler. But why on earth would Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale give up Foye? The Sixers are in a corner. There's no need to make a goodwill donation here. Give them the equivalent of Aaron and Eric Williams. Give them Davis, Mark Blount, Marko Jaric, Eddie Griffin and Mark Madsen. Oh, and a draft pick.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:
The Sixers are aware that Boston is willing to surrender a first-round pick and anything else but Paul Pierce to get Iverson. They know Minnesota would probably give up Villanova product Randy Foye.