Thursday, December 14, 2006

One Week Later...

Iverson Rumor
Marc Stein/ESPN: It might not be a fast race, true, but it does sound as though Denver, Minnesota and Boston are all jockeying to come up with the large expiring contract that can clinch victory in the Iverson Sweepstakes...I've also been warned not to ignore the gate-crashers from Miami.

Jim Souhan/Star Tribune believes the team "should trade anybody and everybody on their roster other than Garnett for Iverson by, oh, yesterday."

Buck Harvey/San Antonio Express writes that commissioner Stern should intervene and get Iverson to Minnesota.

Main Line Life says that by trading for Randy Foye, the Sixers could "finally start to get on the right path to being committed to winning, instead of just wanting to, because up until now they haven't been."