Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/14

The Wolves and Bobcats will be the first teams to use the leather ball this season when they meet in Charlotte on Jan 1.

Though the team still has no time frame for his return, Rashad McCants went on his first road trip of the season.
"We get to interact with him a little more," Garnett said. "It's probably good for his confidence to be around the team. It's good to see him in good spirits."

KG apparently hasn't forgotten his "history" with Francisco Elson.
Asked in October about the Spurs, Garnett eventually mentioned their frontcourt: "The inconsistencies with the middle men ... whatever the guy who they have now."
Someone tried to help him out: You mean Elson?
"Whatever his name is."
Yeah, Elson.
"Whatever his name is," Garnett said pointedly.

Bill Simmons believes that Iverson plays with an "intensity that only KG and Kobe can match (although MJ remains the king of this category). "

The Wolves are the only team in the league that has used the same starting lineup all season.

Iverson rumors:
InsideHoops: Late Wednesday night a source informed editor Jeff Lenchiner that the Minnesota Timberwolves are the current favorite to trade for Allen Iverson. The source is on the Philadelphia side of the fence. In no way does this mean the Wolves are definitely landing him. The info is merely that right now, they've got the best shot.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Today's installment of the Allen Iverson trade saga had the Denver Nuggets exploring an alternate way to obtain the 76ers' all-star guard, and the Golden State Warriors taking a step back and perhaps getting ready to drop out.
A source said today that the Nuggets might be trying to involve a third team, the Portland Trail Blazers, in the deal.