Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/14

Click here for a preview of tonight's game against the Trail Blazers.

Mike James on the "pack of roaches" comment:
"That's not really trash-talking," James said, "but I told Ricky today in practice, if that's how you feel, call them that again tomorrow. It ain't got nothing to do with how we lost the game. That's how he felt. Listen, if one of our teammates feels like that, we've got to stand behind him."

Casey said he won't put a gag order on Davis tonight, but he doesn't want his players to give the Blazers any extra incentive.

KG, Mike James, Ricky Davis, and Mark Blount are on the NBA All-Star ballot.

Chris at End Of The Bench brings up a valid point about the new Adidas "It Takes 5ive" commercial with Garnett.

Coach Casey on Randy Foye:
"He's a sponge offensively," Casey said of Foye. "Where he's been, there's not much he hasn't seen. [Villanova coach] Jay Wright has done a great job of coaching him.
"Maturity is a big thing with him. He played four years of college and played some big games in the NCAA tournament. I see that confidence in Randy Foye, and I see the moxie he has in getting to the rim."

Coach Casey on the team releasing Vin Baker:
"I hurt because Vin has worked hard to come back and work at it, but it's a numbers situation more than anything else," Casey said. "He did a great job. No abuse, nothing to do with his personal life. It was just a numbers thing."

SI.com's power rankings put the Wolves at #25. Yahoo/Steve Kerr lists them at #24.