Friday, November 10, 2006

Mike James On KFAN

Mike James was just on KFAN with Chad Hartman. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

(Update: You can listen to the interview here.)

James said the recent losses on the road were tough and that they were a test for the team's character.

James got a bit fired up when asked about Davis calling the Blazers "a pack of roaches."
He said that if Davis feels that way, the whole team feels that way because they stick together. He also said that loss had nothing to do with the Blazers but everything to do with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Hartman asked about James asserting himself offensively and James said he was just trying to be a playmaker.

When asked who was the best trash talker in the NBA, James' response was Garnett because KG backs up everything he says.

About the zero-tolerance policy with the refs:
James said this is a league of emotion and people are going to say things they don't mean. He feels that now you can't even get mad at yourself on the court without getting into trouble. He also said that the refs should be held accountable for the trash-talking they do on the court.

A listener called in and asked James about how he feels about players using foul language in front of the kids and families in the stands. James said kids sometimes hear worse things at home and that players are only human and deal with their anger like everyone else.

When asked about the area in which the team needs the most improvement, James said the defense needs to be more consistent.

About Orlando's Dwight Howard, James said he's a man-child who continues to get better.