Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/11

A preview of tonight's game against Orlando.

McHale and Coach Casey talk about the Magic's star, Dwight Howard.

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune writes on how the rookies are getting attention around the league. During the Portland game last weekend, Jamaal Magloire commented to Craig Smith, "Good game yesterday."

HoopsWorld interviews Mike James. When asked about why he chose to come to MN, James responded:
I mean, I was offered the same amount of money with Houston and also with Dallas, so it wasn't like I was talking to teams that were bottom-dwellers. This summer I was talking to teams that want to win championships, and I felt like the best situation for me was here. Also, I felt like this was the best situation where I felt like I could win an NBA championship.

Coach Casey on the road losses:
"The mistakes that we're making are very correctable," said Casey. "We're no different from 95% of the teams right now at this stage in the game. We're not panicking, we're just pinpointing some things that we need to focus on and going from there."

From the Star Tribune regarding complaints about the signal strength of Wolves' radio partner Bob 106 FM:
Ted Johnson, the Wolves' vice president of communications, said work is being done to accommodate those listeners but made it clear he believes more fans can hear Wolves games now than could when they were on the AM dial.

Ricky Davis' former teammate Paul Pierce on the "pack of roaches" comment:
"If you're not motivated before the game regardless of what everybody else says, [then that won't do it]," said Pierce. "It doesn't drive me further up or anywhere down. I don't feed into it. That's for high school. In high school, you have chalkboard talk."