Friday, November 10, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/10

From the Pioneer Press:
Marko Jaric and Randy Foye were involved in a brief scuffle near the end of Thursday's practice, but it was quickly defused. Teammates Davis and Madsen were peacemakers. Casey said it was no big deal and just a typical NBA practice incident.

Happy Birthday to Craig Smith who turns 23 today.

Lang at Slam Online listed Smith as one of his "Eight Players To Watch."

Via Detroit Bad Boys, an article from HoopsWorld that makes the claim that some of Glen Taylor's statements in the Britt Robson interview were untruthful.

Mike James on his season-high 23 points against Sacramento:
"I've learned to be just more aggressive and understanding where to pick and choose and get my attempts, and I'm slowing down a lot more. Things are starting to open up more, and I'm understanding more what the Wolves want me to do."

Ricky Davis on making only 10 of his past 34 shots:
"I've just been trying to find my way," Davis said. "I feel my game is good, even though I'm not in the shooting rhythm I want to be in."

Mad Dog practiced at "full-speed" yesterday and, according to Coach Casey, "he looks like a new player."

In his latest blog post, Mad Dog talks about his friendship with Jason Terry, the "emergence of Randy Foye," the new ball, and the zero tolerance policy concerning refs.
I'm not in favor of berating officials under any circumstances, but players must be allowed to speak to refs in heated moments without fear of getting tossed. I think in the end, the fans are getting the short end of the stick. Fans come to games to be able to see passionate basketball played very hard.