Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/12

From the New York Daily News:
Bad omen for Dwane Casey: One Minnesota veteran said the team needs "five balls" and that Casey won't last the season.

Coach Casey on last night's game:
"We were flat. We were flat. And I don't know . . ." coach Dwane Casey said, his hands white-knuckling on the sides of the postgame podium. "I told the players, 'We took a week and a half to dig this hole, it's not going to take only a night to dig out of it."

Tom Powers/Pioneer Press thinks the solution to the team's lethargic performances thus far is "out with the old."
There is no doubt in my mind that Hudson and Jaric would be gone if the Wolves could find somebody to take their contracts. But they can't. So they are going to continue clogging things up here. Griffin, convinced he needs to play more, should be sent elsewhere.
Foye and Smith surely will continue to improve. That will mean even fewer minutes for the others. Eventually, morale will break down completely.

T-Hud is unhappy with his lack of minutes:
"Coach (Dwane Casey) has told me he has confidence in me, but I've been here three years and have been told the same thing," he said. "There was no prenuptial signing, so I can't get out of the marriage. I just have to stick around. I'll try to do that mentally and physically for my teammates."