Monday, November 06, 2006

Updates Part II

The Rocky Mountain News on the Nuggets's benched big man, Reggie Evans:
Evans is eligible to be dealt Dec. 15. There have been rumblings Minnesota, which has a trade exception worth slightly more than $4 million, might show interest.

HoopsWorld interviews GM Jim Stack who says the team has a "good mix" of players.

The Oregonian talks to Fred Hoiberg about his heart surgery and his bond with Lakers forward Ronny Turiaf who underwent the same procedure.

Coach Casey talks to Bob Sansevere/Pioneer Press. One of the things he says is:
It's not important to be known as a great coach. I want to be known as a winner. If my teams are winning and competing and playing hard, that's more important than any personal recognition I get.

Sam Smith speculates that Garnett could head to the Lakers after next season.

Coach Casey on T-Hud's 9 minutes in Saturday's game at Portland:
"I thought Mike (James) and Trenton (Hassell) and that group had a good thing going in the fourth quarter. It's going to be different people different nights. That's how we flow. That's how we've got to play."