Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Big Lead On A Potential Cover-Up In Griffin Case

Via True Hoop, a link to the Big Lead post on a potential cover-up in the Eddie Griffin story:

The most interesting note is this potentially blockbuster email from a reader. Just for the sake of argument (and because our lawyer told us to), we’re going to throw in “allegedly” a few times:

Those guys at Santana foods [allegedly] sell guns. The cops [allegedly] protect Santana Foods and get paid for it. Griffin probably never masturbated in his SUV. The cop and that guy at Santana’s [allegedly] tried to extort all that money and Griffin’s lawyer’s said no (that’s why he didn’t get a DWI. IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE. DON’T YOU SEE!!!). They’d rather defend him in court (duh, there are no other witnesses besides the Santana guy who the lawyers will prove tried to extort money from him). For chrissakes he must be on tape. That’s why the news story didn’t break until much later (the santana guy brought it to channel 4 after the failed extortion).

For whatever it's worth, a few weeks ago my friends and I were invited to a party in the same neighborhood as Santana. The host and his buddies had very similar allegations about the store.