Monday, April 17, 2006

Wolves Over The Weekend

Fred Hoiberg will hold a press conference at 1pm today to announce his decision on whether or not he'll resume his career as a player.

Garnett is in line to be the leading rebounder in the NBA for the third consecutive season. But alas, he does not make Bill Simmons' list of MVP candidates. Simmons says about Garnett that "you can't carry yourself that way for eight months each season without eventually committing a homicide. You just can't. He's wound too tight."

Charley Rosen grades the league's coaches and gives Casey a C-.

Friday- Wolves lose to the Pacers, 89-77.

Sunday- Wolves lose to the Spurs at home. Despite a light practice on Saturday, Garnett and Davis did not play. While KG was nowhere to be seen, Davis did show up during the 3rd quarter to hang out on the bench for a bit with a super cute kid that appeared to be his. McCants returned after missing a couple games with a sprained ankle though he was not in the starting lineup.

Middle age Minnesotan women love the Spurs. We know this for a fact as we were surrounded by them during the game and, as a result, had to move seats during the second half so we could comtemplate in silence why Brent Barry sports that awful mustache. Besides Mad Dog, these ladies were the only people in the house that seemed at all excited. Even Marcus Banks commented that it felt like "they threw us out into the wild and we were on our own."

After the game, Banks hung out with the Spurs Michael Finley for a bit:
"He said he's been watching me, and I've really been playing well," Banks said of his postgame conversation with Finley. "He's just trying to keep me positive about the situation."