Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Coach Casey

Dwane Casey celebrated his 49th birthday yesterday.

Star Tribune on Hoiberg's retirement:
His last "game" came while the Wolves were on a road trip to Boston in January. One of Hoiberg's Chaska neighbors played on a rec team, and they needed a player. Hoiberg accepted an invitation to play and took son Jack with him to the game. "We won the game 110-80 and I scored 60 points," Hoiberg said. "I'll be honest. It wasn't the greatest group of talent that we played against. But [Jack] told me in the car how much fun that was for him and how much he enjoyed watching me play again." They got home and Carol took Jack upstairs to bed, and Hoiberg remembers hearing this: "Jack said to Mom, 'I think he was probably the player of the game,' " Hoiberg recalled. "So the last game I ever played, in my son's eyes at least, I was the player of the game. And that's very important."

One writer thinks that the Wolves might have played better had the media and fans been more supportive of the team.
The Target Center, the radio and newspapers in the Twin Cities have been full of negativity throughout the season. Have we ever even thought about how the team might play if we were die hard fans like, say, the cow-bell toting Sacramento King crazies? If the air in the arena was full of positivity, maybe, just maybe the result on the floor might be different.

Props to the dude for being such a fan but thinking about the last couple weeks of the season put us to sleep so we weren't able to read the article in its entirety.

ESPN's SportsNation NBA Coach Approval Ratings poll named Flip Saunders the coach of the year. Casey's approval rating is 58%, falling from 81% in November to 18% in March.

Mad Dog's latest diary entry is on Trent Hassell, the team's last road trip, and his summer plans.