Wednesday, April 26, 2006

City Pages Gives "Best Of" Awards To Garnett

City Pages gives Garnett a couple of their "Best Of The Twin Cities" awards in honor of both his athleticism and his humanitarianism.

Best Corporate Citizen
We here in the Twin Towns like to think we're blessed with a benevolent corporate community: Target, General Mills, 3M, and even the privately owned Cargill are all noted nationwide for their charitable giving. Still, none of them could match the outpouring generated by the one-man corporation known as Kevin Garnett...
In November, Garnett contacted Oprah Winfrey by letter, which the surprised host read on the air. In it, Garnett pledged to contribute to Winfrey's Angel Network and its mission of rebuilding an entire neighborhood in New Orleans. Garnett's pledge was to pay for the construction of one house every month for the next two years—a total of 24 dwellings.

Best Timberwolves Player
His precocious talent forever changed the way society regards high school basketball players. Not yet 30 (that happens at the end of next month), he ranks fifth in total minutes played among active NBA players. In other words, Garnett is a grizzled eminence who happens to be younger than the Twins' Torii Hunter or the duo in the White Stripes.

KFAN's Dan Barreiro gets the nod for "Best Sports Talk Radio Host."