Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Target Center Sucks

The Wolves sold about 16,000 tickets per game this season but around a quarter of them were no shows at the games.
Wolves President Chris Wright said he hadn't analyzed the no-show numbers, but he acknowledged, after two seasons of missed playoffs and controversy, that the team needs to rebuild its image in the Twin Cities sports market.
A coordinated strategy to sell more tickets will, at its roots, depend on personnel moves that Vice President Kevin McHale has vowed to make this offseason, Wright said.

The 16 year old Target Center is the 7th oldest arena in the NBA.
Other buildings of the same vintage have been replaced or renovated, or hopes and plans are on the drawing boards for their demise.

"We don't expect to hear [about a new Wolves arena] in the near term," (Minneapolis Finance Director Patrick) Born said.
When asked to define "near term," Born said, "Five years."

The Star Tribune also has a list of other NBA arenas built around the same time as the Target Center as well as their current status.