Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good Times In The Locker Room

Habitat For Humanity has started building houses in Jackson, MS with the money that Garnett donated to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

From Sid Hartman:
Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor admits now he might have made a mistake by not suggesting that Dwane Casey keep some of Flip Saunders' assistants instead of bringing in a complete new staff. So look for some big changes on the coaching staff for next season.

One of the top priorities for the future of the Wolves is to try to sign free-agent point guard Marcus Banks. But Banks has made it very clear he isn't going to sign with the Wolves until he tests the market, and from the way he talks it's no cinch he will be back. The same is true of Justin Reed, who also came to the Wolves in the Wally Szczerbiak trade. ... Troy Hudson, who was sidelined most of the season because of ankle problems, said he has decided against surgery and will spend the offseason here rehabilitating the injury to see if he can clear up the problem. ... Swingman Ronald Dupree is a free agent, and even though the Wolves gave the Pistons a second-round draft pick for him they don't plan to bring him back.

From Mad Dog's diary:
Even though it’s been a tough season, we’ve still tried to keep it loose. A few days ago in Indianapolis, Trenton Hassell was counting out loud the number of tickets he needed to leave for family members. “Eight plus three is 11, plus three is 14, plus…” Marko Jaric thought he heard an addition mistake during the process, so he smiled and called out, “The high schools in Europe are as good as the colleges here.” Trenton laughed and reminded the whole locker room that “Marko didn’t even go to high school. He went to ‘basketball school’ instead,” which is common for young professional athletes in Europe. Then Trenton took it one step further and said, “Marko if you’re so smart, then what’s the square root of 169?” “What does that mean?” Marko said. Finally, a teammate went up to the dry-erase board and wrote it up in math lingo and Marko got it right and laughed out loud and said, “Your terminology in the states is different!”