Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ricky Davis Is A Snitch

Trent Hassell has a sprained ankle and sprained knee as a result of a fall during Tuesday's game against the Heat. The starter didn't make the trip with the team to NJ and Toronto. Hassell has only missed one game since joining the team.

Referee Dick Bavetta "allegedly cursed" while making the Wolves head to the bench after the argument between McCants and Gary Payton during the Heat game. Ricky Davis reportedly told Bavetta that he was going to report him to the league.

KG on the team:
"But you've got to add some pieces onto it too, man," he said. "You just can't bring this team back. You've got to add some major pieces to it, and I think we'll be very solid for next year."

Moments later, he added: "You have to add pieces to a team and keep a core together. We've yet to have a core. I'm probably the only consistent thing that's been around here. ... I feel like the city doesn't really know the team. Hopefully, they'll take heed to what happened this year and fix that this summer."

Fred Hoiberg might retire from playing basketball but has talked to Glen Taylor about a position in the Wolves' business office.
The coaching position at Iowa State in which Hoiberg had expressed interest was filled on Tuesday.

Ticket opened a second Kevin Garnett 4XL Tech Center at Patrick Henry High School in Mpls.

T-Hud is still getting treatment on his ankle.

The Wolves face the Nets in New Jersey tonight.