Thursday, March 16, 2006

KG Loves The Sopranos And Daunte

I'm out of town for work so posts will be sporadic and not as comprehensive as they could be til Monday. My apologies.

My friend and I were watching the Flaming Lips last night (my "work" trip is essentially an excuse to see lots of bands) so I wasn't watching/listening to the game. But as soon as she told me we were tied in the 4th quarter with under 6 minutes left to go, I knew we didn't stand a chance and, though I'm not psychic, I was right. That made me extra crabby because I hate the Flaming Lips almost as much as I hate Kobe. Final score:Lakers 92, Wolves 89.

Griffin's sore right wrist and not the fact that he can't see will most likely keep him out of tonight's game against Golden State.

Garnett was "bugging out over" the Sopranos so wasn't aware of the Culpepper trade til informed of it by a reporter. His response:
"But I've got a friend in life with him and Randy. I just hope this is what he wants. I know he's from Florida, or at least from the area. So I wish him the best. I hate to see that. Damn! Wow."

Click here for some info on the Wolves first round draft pick for this year.

Flip Saunders says he's "eager" to sign Hoiberg but the team would need an insurance waiver to do so given Hoiberg's medical condition.

YaySports has a funny pic of McCants.