Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wolves Over The Weekend

Updating this site while seeing 10-15 bands daily for the last four days has proven to be more difficult than staying sober during a Robert Pollard show. Sunday's win over the Kings inspired me to stay in the hotel room and work on it while everyone else is celebrating our last night in Austin. It's also an excuse to avoid the sympathetic looks and barrage of questions regarding KG trade rumors that I face when people find out I'm a Wolves fan. Though why Rockets and Knicks fans would talk shit about my team is beyond me.

The win over Sacramento and KG's season high 37 points halted a 7 game losing streak which included a loss to Golden State on Friday.

KG's 22 consecutive double-doubles is a franchise record.

Richie Frahm was waived on Thursday but the Houston Rockets are reportedly interested in signing him.

Fred Hoiberg was inducted into the Iowa High School Hall of Fame.
Despite meetings with the Pistons and the Suns, Hoiberg has decided not to make a return this season. He has been in talks with people at Iowa State about about a coaching position at his alma mater.

Kevin McHale was in Jacksonville on Saturday watching Joakim Noah and the Gators' win over UW Milwaukee.

I've seen the KG Gatorade commercial only once but my first impression is that's it's pretty fucking weird.