Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wolves Updates

Losses to the Sonics and the Suns made it a dismal weekend to be a Wolves fan.

Garnett was pissed that his teammates weren't as upset as he was about the loss in Phoenix:
"I really hate ... I try to keep things in house, but there's a certain tone [we need] in there, man, and we're going to keep that. And if you can't [abide] by the tone, you won't be here. You won't play. I don't sign nobody's checks, but you've got to be prepared and ready to play, man. I don't know, as a team every night, whether we're ready to do that. The focus is, it's got to hurt when you lose. I don't know if it's like that."

On Friday, Anthony Carter pleaded not guilty via his lawyer to drunken driving charges. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for April 27.

Casey on Banks:
"Right now, Marcus is our point guard," Wolves coach Dwane Casey said. "Marko continues to work. I think that competition makes your team better. Right now, Marcus is doing a good job and has done nothing wrong to lose his position."

Casey on his coaching staff:
"I think our guys have worked hard. They've put a lot of long hours in. I would question saying we're not as prepared as any coaching staff in the league."

Kevin McHale was scouting players at the ACC tournament on Friday.
McHale on the rule against talking to underclassmen:
"It's going to be pretty hard to say what impact the rule is going to have," McHale said. "We're not supposed to talk about the draft anyway. I'm not sure who's going to come out and who's going to stay. So, we'll see. Whoever comes out, comes out."

Forbes lists Wolves owner Glen Taylor as the 365th richest person in the world.

The Kirby Puckett memorial is at the Metrodome tonight at 7pm.