Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wed Player Workout Updates

Coach Wittman on Spencer Hawes:
Hawes is a young kid that's going to have to develop his body a little bit from a strength standpoint, but has got great skills, great feet, great ability to score on the inside.

on Joakim Noah:
...just a phenomenal athlete that can do a lot of the intangibles that any coach loves to see in a person...

and on the team's draft needs:
Well, we need to get more athletic and bigger, and he's [Noah] big. He's a lot taller than people think watching him on TV. So, yeah, that's what we're trying to look to do from a standpoint of our team is getting bigger and more athletic, and he fits both those bills.

Patrick Reusse/Star Tribune on Noah:
Yet, if Noah were to land in Minnesota, he might be able to offer a chemistry lesson. And we had Wittman's assurance almost daily that such a lesson would be very helpful for his veteran combination of ball hogs and human statues.

K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune on Hawes:
Hawes has yet to hire an agent and has until June 18 to withdraw from the draft. That he worked out for the Timberwolves on Wednesday and will work out for the Kings next week shows how seriously the skilled yet physically challenged freshman is gauging his decision.

Minneapolis North grad Kammron Taylor on what he thinks he needs to do in team workouts:
"I have to be a little bit better playmaker," he said. "When I was in college, I didn't have high assists, but I didn't turn the ball over that much. I can be that kind of guy, a backup point guard who can knock down the open shot."

Noah on Billy Donovan's change of heart and return to Florida:
"I was 100 percent sure he was definitely going to stay at Florida," Noah said. "But I feel like Orlando definitely gave him a great situation. I'm sure it all happened really fast for him. Regardless of what happens, it's his life, it's his decision. ... I was in a little bit of the same situation last year when I had a big decision to make."