Wednesday, May 16, 2007

T-Hud's Blueprint For The Future interviewed Troy Hudson aka T-Hud about his new record. The player talks about the connection between hip-hop and athletics, studying rap music, and how he wants his label Nutty Boyz to be the next Def Jam.

Hudson also discusses how he wants to "be that guy who really steps forward and really makes the blueprint for athletes" on how to become a successful rap artist.

I'm gonna take the odds on this, I want everybody to know I'm a ballplayer. I can't disguise that and that's one of the challenges I'm accepting because I want people to know it's a new day and age. Ballplayers is about to put it down in this entertainment business. Not only music, movies [as well]; Baron Davis has a film company. I want people to understand that just because I play basketball don't mean that I didn't have dreams of being the next big-time entertainer, on the music level, the film level or whatever.

At least
the player is working hard on his backup plan should owner Glen Taylor's own blueprint for the future fail.