Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Randy Foye to represent at the lottery

According to Mike Trudell at the Timberwolves site, the team is "sending Foye to do their bidding" at the NBA Draft Lottery in Secaucus, New Jersey on Tuesday, May 22.

Trudell also writes on the team's luck in past lotteries:
The Wolves have literally never moved up in the draft, and have moved down more than once, most notably in 1992. That year marked the only time the Wolves owned the league's worst record, and both Shaq and 'Zo stood waiting at 1 and 2. Instead, Minnesota got Christian Laettner at No. 3...

Notes on the team's chances:
With the NBA draft lottery set for May 22, the Wolves enter as the No. 7 seed and have an 18.3 percent chance of moving up into the top three slots. Then again, they have a 24.4 percent chance of slipping back to eighth, ninth or 10th. Their most likely position for the June draft? Right where they are at No. 7, where they have a 57.3 percent chance of landing when the Ping-Pong balls stopped tumbling.