Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wolves Updates 5/16

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
In the wake of another playoff-free season, Taylor put more people in the decision-making mix, more people to be heard from, more meetings he would be attending.
By his own account Taylor is not a basketball expert. But he owns the team. And, he says, knows how to create an environment in which ideas flourish.

The Strib also provides the hierarchy of the team's front office.

Tim Kawakami/Mercury News thinks Garnett would be a good fit for Golden State:
Which brings us to Garnett, who has been on Mullin's radar for years and might be available this summer, since he can become a free agent in 2008.

He'd be perfect, obviously - rangy, tough, an ideal athlete to slide next to Davis and Jackson, probably dying to get out of Minnesota and apparently reasonably interested in the Bay Area hoops scene.

True Hoop on Bill Simmons' prediction that "
one day a stat geek would declare that Kevin Garnett was as good as Tim Duncan."

Chris Sheridan/ESPN writes that the Bulls getting Garnett is something that would be "easier said than done."
First of all, the Timberwolves say they aren't trading him. Second, KG will make $22 million next season, and salaries in most NBA trades have to be within 125 percent of each other. Unless an under-the-cap third team can be brought in to broker a deal, that would mean Chicago would have to put together at least $17.6 million worth of salaries...