Monday, May 14, 2007

Wolves Updates 5/14

Scott Howard-Cooper/Sacramento Bee on the possibility of a deal with the Lakers:
That the Timberwolves say they have no plans to trade Garnett is different than saying they won't trade Garnett. The greater obstacle as the Lakers ponder a gamble -- aware of how all this blows up in their face if 19-year-old Bynum has a great future elsewhere as Bryant and Fill In The Blank head into retirement -- is the internal belief that Minnesota personnel boss/former Boston great Kevin McHale refuses to deal with them.
It's a Celtics-Lakers thing.

Mike McGraw/Daily Herald on whether the Bulls could land Garnett this summer:
Minnesota needs payroll relief, and they won’t get any by accepting $17.6 million back for Garnett’s $22 million salary. The Timberwolves will be in better shape next year because Garnett can opt out of his contract and then accept a sign-and-trade at a more reasonable starting salary.

Plus, the feeling here is Minnesota wants to give it one more shot with Garnett, only this time with rising executive Fred Hoiberg having more of a voice in what happens this summer.

The Big Lead/Fanhouse with draft pick suggestions for the team.

Frank Haataja/Mesabi Daily News also writes on the team and this year's draft.